Security of deposits and winnings

Your deposits are safe with us. As a regulated gambling operator, Tipico always holds customer deposits in a separate account. Your deposits are not combined with corporate capital in any form and therefore cannot be used, for example, to make payments to other players. Ultimately, this method ensures that your deposits are secure at all times – regardless of the company’s success – and can be paid out at any time. The process of paying out winnings is subject to extremely stringent regulatory monitoring. On the one hand, this ensures that every payment is subject to the necessary controls so that our services cannot be used for illegal purposes (e.g. money laundering). On the other hand, it ensures that payments are made to customers in full and without unnecessary delays after the required checks have been carried out.


Remember that gaming is only for entertainment and does not represent a source of income.

Fair rules

General terms and conditions

The current general terms and conditions (T&Cs) can be found here. We will inform you if it is necessary to make relevant changes to the T&Cs. If you have any questions regarding our T&Cs please contact our customer service team.

Complaints and arbitration

If you are unhappy with our service, then you can contact our customer service team at any time. If we are unable to solve the problem then you can send a formal complaint to The complaint should contain the following information and attachments:

  • Scanned photo ID to enable verification of your identity
  • An account of the chronology and reasons for the complaint
  • All documents to back up this account

We will carefully go over the matter and inform you of our decision within two weeks. If you do not agree with the decision, then you have the right to turn to an arbitration body.

The following independent, accredited arbitration body is currently responsible for Tipico:


Alternatively, you can file your dispute on the EU ODR Platform. In step 2 of the process, please name eCOGRA as the dispute resolution body, preferred by the trader.

Tipico promises to always implement the decisions made by eCOGRA.

Fairness of games

Before going live, every single game must be checked and approved by the regulatory authorities. A particularly important part of such checks focuses on randomness. If a game shows a random process (e.g. shuffling cards, roulette wheels, slot machines…) then these must also actually be random. On the one hand, this means that random events during the game statistically occur as frequently as is set out in the rules. It also means that random events in a game cannot be influenced or predicted. The random generators used are therefore checked by accredited test laboratories.

Integrity of sport

The basis of our business model is what makes a sporting contest so fascinating: no-one can know the outcome of a sporting event in advance. It is often overlooked in public debate that the manipulation of sporting events is not just a reputation risk for Tipico. As bookmakers, we are as much victims of such manipulation as our customers. An in-house department that focuses solely on combating betting manipulation rigorously follows any leads on potential criminal activities. As you would expect, we are a natural ally for regulatory authorities and sports associations in combating betting manipulation: Tipico  independently informs associations and event organisers as soon as the company is aware of conspicuous betting patterns. In addition, Tipico collaborates with Sportradar’s integrity department, Betgenius, and the International Olympics Committee whilst also maintaining a partnership with the Tennis Integrity Unit of the International Tennis Federation.


Never wager money that you need for subsistence and for fulfilling financial obligations.
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