When you need a break from gambling, we offer the option of self-excluding yourself. As we offer our product both online and stationary in the shop, self-exclusion has different rules depending on the sales channel. You can find out more below under ‘Self-Exclusion – Online’ and ‘Self-Exclusion – Shop’.

It is only natural that you would want help if you believe that a family member or close friend has a gambling problem. However, only the person seeking self-exclusion for themselves is able to partake in voluntary exclusion. This cannot be done by a spouse or family member on behalf of the person involved. You will find more information under Concerned Family and Friends if you are worried about someone close to you.

Self-Exclusion - Online

If you would like to close your online account, you can arrange this either by yourself or via your Customer Account under the point ‘Personal Details – Limits and Blocks’. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Support via Live Chat or the contact form. You are able to choose between a temporary or permanent exclusion.

Temporary Self-Exclusion

If you want to temporarily close your online account, you are able to specify an exclusion period of 24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 3 months, or 6 months. During this period you are unable to place any bets on Tipico websites. The account is automatically released at the end of the chosen period. Your account can in no way be reactivated or the time period be changed before the end of this period.

Permanent Self-Exclusion

Should you wanted to be permanently excluded from gambling, this means that your block is active for at least one year. During this period it is not possible for you to place bets on Tipico websites. Reactivation is only possible in exceptional cases. Strict conditions must certainly be met in this case and we may ask you to provide a medical certificate confirming that you do not have a problem with gambling addiction (anymore). Nevertheless, there is no entitlement to an account being re-opened.

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Casino Exclusion

In addition to self-exclusion, it is also possible to have only your access to Tipico’s Casino and Live Casino products restricted. To do this, please contact Customer Support via the Live Chat or contact form provided.
If you are contemplating self-exclusion, remember to contact all gambling product providers with whom you have opened or are running an account and also ask them for self-exclusion. We also recommend that you install filter software allowing you to block access to online gambling.


We would also like to encourage you to disable messages or, as may apply, accounts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms associated with Tipico or other betting providers.

Please contact our Customer Support if you require more information or assistance with self-exclusion.

Self-Exclusion - Betting Shop

Should you (also) be a customer of a betting shop operated by our franchise partners, you can apply for self-exclusion on site. Exclusion can, however, be imposed by us or the franchise partner. The self-imposed ban can be for periods of at least 6 months to one year. A lifelong self-imposed block is also possible. A third-party block by Tipico or the franchise partner lasts for at least one year if sufficient circumstances lead to the conclusion that you are at risk of addiction and/or in debt.

Every excluded player is also given a shop ban, meaning an exclusion order from the shop. This extends to the betting shop actually frequented and where the self-exclusion was requested in. Should you be a customer in several betting shops, a self-exclusion needs to be requested in every one of them. Your existing customer cards are blocked and any remaining balance paid out. Our franchise partners will notify us immediately about an exclusion to allow us to take suitable measures at the same time. We reserve the right to inform surrounding betting shops about your self-exclusion. In addition, Tipico’s online database will also be consulted in order to block any online customer accounts as well. When you enter into the betting agreement you agree with your details being disclosed for this specific purpose.

Renewed permission to bet is only possible in a very few exceptional cases and after the chosen self-exclusion period has elapsed. Such as if you are able to provide the franchise partner and us, where applicable, with evidence from an addiction help centre. In this case, the merits of each individual case are looked at in coordination between Tipico and the franchise partner involving the customer’s previous conduct and the current impression. A medical assessment and/or a financial declaration of clearance may also be required in individual cases. Please be aware that there will be no lifting of your ban if you had chosen a permanent self-exclusion.


Do not take out loans and do not borrow money from other sources for betting or gambling.


Plan how much time you would like to spend on betting and gambling.
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