• Security

Regulatory supervision

Tipico is subject to stringent regulatory supervision, which ensures that all games are fair and transparent, criminal activities, corruption, and money laundering are prevented and minors and vulnerable customers are protected. Tipico Group companies hold licenses for organising sports betting in the Internet and in land-based premises as well as for virtual slot machines issued by the Joint Gaming Authority of the German States (please see whitelist: [Link https://www.gluecksspiel-behoerde.de/de/erlaubnisfaehigesgluecksspiel/whitelist]). Furthermore,  Tipico Group companies hold licenses for organising sports betting and gambling issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (please see MGA Licensee register [Link: https://www.mga.org.mt/licences/]).


Never wager money that you need for subsistence and for fulfilling financial obligations.

Account Security

We place great emphasis on the technical security of our IT infrastructure in order to protect ourselves and our customers. This does not just mean that our fail-safe services are available 24/7. It is also extremely important to us that our systems are protected against unauthorised access. For this reason, Tipico submits to annual external audits to ensure adherence to ISO 27001 (IT requirements – Security procedures – Information security management systems).

Just like Tipico, you can also use a few simple steps to protect your betting account from unauthorised access:

  • Always log out before leaving the computer. This prevent third parties from gaining access.
  • Never pass on your customer account, credit card or bank account details.
  • Do not store information such as user names, passwords or payment data, or ensure it is properly protected.
  • Create separate user profiles and passwords for all people who use the same computer. This means no-one can inadvertently gain access to personal information and programs.
  • Do not save any passwords and never use the auto-fill feature.

Protection of minors

Minors as a risk group

Minors are not legally permitted to take part in gambling. A variety of studies show that while only a small number of minors use gaming products, the proportion of gambling-related problems amongst this group is noticeably higher than the average. It must therefore be assumed that safe, trouble-free gambling is simply not possible with minors. Tipico has set stringent guidelines for precisely this reason.

Tipico guidelines

Tipico bans minors from participating in gaming under all circumstances. The registration of people under 18 years of age at Tipico infringes our terms and conditions and may result in the notification of relevant authorities.

We take our responsibilities in this field very seriously, and trained staff at our betting offices and franchise partners carry out identity checks. The online sector is also stringently monitored. We carry out regular age verification on our customers. Minors are not allowed to enter our betting shops. This also applies if said minors are accompanied by siblings or legal guardians of legal age. Please note that any winnings for minors who have illegally used our services are null and void.

If you suspect that your child has access to a betting account and uses yours or another identity to be able to gamble, then please report this immediately to our Customer service team.

Tips for parents

If you are a parent, then you have a special responsibility. It is your task to ensure that minors do not access your account – not even with your permission. Please follow our advice on account security.

If you wish to restrict the availability of gambling sites on a computer, then filter software is available. This can be used on computers, and in some cases also on mobile phones, in order to prevent access to websites with gambling-related content. The software can grant access to a specific person or a specific group of people through password settings. This renders the content available only to authorised persons.

Here are some examples of filter software that can be used to restrict access to gambling sites:

Please note that Tipico cannot accept any liability for the effectiveness and features of these programs. The software programs named are merely examples of such applications. A number of similar products can be found on the Internet. Ensure that you are fully aware of how filter software works before installing it. Also note that some filter software is free whilst others come at a cost.

Data Protection

Tipico attaches great importance to legally compliant, transparent, secure and sparing use of your personal data.

The only data obtained from you is that necessary for the purpose of communication and the provision of our services, as well as for associated legal obligations. Your personal data is only used for this purpose and is only stored for as long as is necessary or legally prescribed. Your personal data is only collected when required in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Furthermore, your personal data is protected via technical and organisational measures when collecting, processing and saving said data, such that it is inaccessible to third parties and cannot be disclosed, modified or destroyed without your authorisation, or lost.

More information on when and how we collect, process and save your personal data can be found in our privacy statement.


Stick to these plans regardless of whether you win or lose.
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