Filter Software

Filter Software

We recommend using filter software, not just to protect minors, but also for your own protection. These filter solutions allow access to specific websites to be regulated using selected criteria. This allows you to prevent you or your children from accessing gambling sites.

This is of particular use if you share you computers with others who are excluded from gambling due to their age.

Recommended filter software:

How does this filter software actually work?

Filter software is designed to control access to websites and sources. This can be used on any computer, and also some mobile telephones, to prevent access to websites with inappropriate content, gambling products or similar. The software can allow access by setting passwords for only specific individuals or groups of individuals. This allows them access to the content. Some programs are even able to limit the time spent online.

Where you are not satisfied with the aforementioned suggestions, you can also simply search for appropriate software with the keywords ‘filter software’, ‘child security’ or ‘internet blocking software’.

Please note that both free and fee-based filter software is available.